ZINE REVIEW #32 « The Flop Box


Daniel P

I’m not going to lie, I know very little about this zine. I picked it up, flipped a few pages and knew immediately I was going to buy it. Every page is filled with photos of well-organized drug bust displays, each with various letters spelled out in money, bullets or the actual drugs themselves. Some are modest, others elaborate. The only deviation is a display of Red Bull cases that spell out the letters “PRF.” I assume those smugglers thought they were home free with their ingenious disguise. I would have never figured it out, but I’m not a trained DEA, FBI, ATF or border patrol agent. Where were these photos taken and how did they end up on the Internet? And what do the letters signify? I will be patiently waiting for Volume 2 with a thorough explanation.

March 4, 2014