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7 Foot 7
Brian Paul Lamote

It saw this zine nearly 7 times before I took it home with me, reminding myself that it was too silly a concept not to own for the bargain price of $5, and I would likely regret not purchasing it once it was sold out. “7 Foot 7” is a tribute to the Sudanese-born professional basketball player, Manute Bol, who was, in fact, 7-ft , 7-in tall. Growing up, Spud Webb was my go-to unconventional baller, but Bol was an equally intriguing anomaly on the court. In 1987 Muggsy Bogues, the shortest player in the NBA, was drafted to Bol’s team, the Washington Bullets. For a single season Bol and Bogues were like The Avengers of Basketball. There is an entertaining fold-out portrait of the two that serves as the centerfold. Interesting bonus trivia included in this zine: Bol was the only player in NBA history to have more blocked shots than points scored. After winning a boxing match with William “The Refrigerator” Perry (due, no doubt, to his 102-inch reach) Bol donated all his earnings (estimated $3.5 million) to the Ring True Foundation to help Sudanese refuges. And, his first name means “special blessing.” Indeed. www.pauwaupublications.com
-A. McManus

February 13, 2014