ZINE REVIEW #29 « The Flop Box


Alex Lukas

If zines had a class system, “DMM” would be among the elite. The production value combined with the collection of beautifully printed imagery and overall execution make “DMM” more of an “art piece” than anything else. Screenprints, pullouts, experimental printing techniques and all the extra subtle embellishments set it apart from a typical zine. Its creator, Alex Lukas has thoughtfully compiled the pages using his desolate, post-apocalyptic-looking landscape drawings, while mixing in simplistic patterns and primitive graffiti scrawlings. Lukas who is no novice in terms of printing small books and zines, (Commander and chief of Cantab Publishing) has undoubtedly created an impressive show-stopping piece of printed material worthy of genuine attention. Unfortunately, only 50 were printed and they have already been collected and coveted. Meaning they are sold out! www.cantabpublishing.com

September 13, 2013