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Speaking of Trains

I was apprehensive to write about “Speaking of Trains” for a number of reasons, most notably because particular types of publications are sometimes meant to remain within the circles of certain sub-cultures. That being said, I will criticize that statement and say if the author didn’t want outsiders to know certain information about railroad culture they probably would have never been compelled to print this zine. Not that this is some kind of cheat sheet or information guide to being in the know. And I doubt this zine will motivate you to become a railroad worker or a tramp. Who knows, maybe I am “Blowing up the spot? Maybe not. All I will say about this zine is that it is possibly the most accurate and comprehensive glossary of current train rider and railroad worker terms compiled yet. That’s the rundown. And some of the descriptions of lingo are foolishly comical. www.peacesupplies.com

September 10, 2013