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We’re in the spirit world, Casserole. They can’t see us.

The most goofball, exceptionally defective, perfect mess of nonsensical imagery can effortlessly seep from one’s brain onto a piece of paper when combining weed and doodling. It’s a fact. “We’re in the spirit world, Casserole. They can’t see us.” is an exemplary testimony to stoner sketching at its finest. I mean, reread that title again. The punch line here is not that this zine was made while being stoned, but that it was made being stoned after not being stoned since 1998. That’s fifteen years of regular ol’ non-stoned drawing. Two consecutive nights puffin’ tough and Veks created this collection of hilarious drawings primarily based around his graffiti letters. Have you ever seen the letter “K” ride a BMX bike or play ping-pong? That’s happened and that’s just the beginning. www.miraclewhip.bigcartel.com

September 6, 2013