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Various Artists / Abc #2

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26 pages. 8.5″ x 5.5″.offset printed. stapled. black and white. 70p matt cover, limited to 300. 2009.

26 artists each given the first letter of their graffiti name to draw. Featuring, Abno, Bonus, Cecster, Dr.Sex, Erupto327, Fword,

Grey, Honke, Isore, Jenks, Kofie, Lions, Mutes, Navy8, Optimist, Pysa, Qs, Ruets, Sibl, Twigs, Usuck, Vizie, Waldo, Xvae, Yetie, and Zeam .

Cover Illustrations by Rime / Jersey Joe.

Sold Out

April 2, 2010