If we choose, we can live in a world of comforting illusion 4/1/2013 « The Flop Box

If we choose, we can live in a world of comforting illusion 4/1/2013

Back out West

Getting it in with Nature

and this…

This show at the SFMOMA is so good that I left half way though. I felt overwhelmed really. Garry Winogrand was exceptionally gifted.

I took this one photo before I was shamed for taking a photo of a photo by the staff.

I had the opportunity to have some daytime adult beverages with the Park Life Boyzzz…

and late night drinks…

Everytime I swing through here there is more stuff piling up!

I want this piece made by Ben Barretto at the Popular Workshop made into a pair of blinds for the house.

Evan at High Speed Productions

Joey Alone and 27 @ Needles and Pens

I’d rather be there…

Snow Monkey always in full effect

Mark Mulrony Zines

Cat installation

Brett Armory super-mini zine

This iconic Mission St. building will soon be flattened and turned into a???? What do you think???? hmmmmm…

This is Doug Rickard speaking at SFAI (Author of the awesome site American Suburb X). This was a bizarre experience. It is apparent after attending this lecture that Rickard’s work raises a range of questions and draws out heavy emotions. I just wished that some of the attendees would have allowed him to finish instead of being so quick to attack, apposed to discussing like mature grown ups. People want to hear what they want to hear and what you say may not be that.

Someone needs attention…

Grady Gordon @ Alter Space

April 2013 Juxtapoz Magazine

The Flop Box Advertisement

I photographed and did a 12-page interview with Erik Parker

Ohhhh and there is a 6-page spread of photos from my series “Partner in Crime”. I will be releasing a new website in the upcoming week with a new printed project. Get readyyyyy….

Various zines by Walter Yetman

Various zines by Matt Bernstein