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ZINE REVIEW #26 « The Flop Box


Elmo Tide

I encountered the photographic work of Elmo Tide through this here zine. I gazed repeatedly at the pages over the course of several months before being triggered by a particular photograph to dig deeper. In my attempt to find additional work via the Internet I came up with nothing. Well, a Flickr page exists containing the same images as in the zine and there is an obscure interview revealing absolutely nothing personal. Who is Elmo Tide? Likely a pseudonym for an exceptionally talented photographer who prefers to keep his identity hidden. And hey, who can’t respect that in these overexposed times? Many of us are lacking a little mystique and it often favors artists anyway, right? What you get from Mr. Tide is an eclectic, cinematic-looking mix of naturally lit, but often low, black and white photographs, documenting a variety of subcultures. Subjects like wrestlers, cowboys, and strippers are documented, along with those unusual moments that often pass by without notice in the street.

February 4, 2013