ZINE REVIEW #25 « The Flop Box


1998 MQ x TIE

I’m unsure if a zine entirely compiled of photocopied stickers has ever been made. However, if anyone was going to be the first the appropriate person would certainly be MQ aka MKUE, MQUE, or MQIZM. The prolific vandal has made his adhesive obsession apparent in recent years, blanketing a number of major cities around the planet with his name badge-sized labels. When his photocopied stickers began popping up they spawned a resurgence of interest in stickers among graffiti writers and beyond, most notably in San Francisco. A new formula had been developed, and MQ willingly and generously divulged his methods for all to replicate. By folding sheets of stickers and binding them by a single rubber band and some glue, MQ created, simply, a “sticker zine.” This particular edition contains photocopied photographs from 1998 of his work with TIE. Other editions focus on the cities of New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

January 25, 2013