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Scam Zine #7
Erick Lyle

Whenever Art Basel is mentioned, I am reminded of my various failed attempts at going. For a number of reasons, I just can’t seem to find my way there. Every year I hear the highlights accompanied with reasons I missed out, as well as strong opinions on why I should never go. I always assumed Florida was an excuse to temporarily escape winter, be photographed at highly publicized events with pretty people, and consume exotic, bottomless drinks, no? Scam #7 by Erick Lyle is one man’s insightful perspective on all things Miami, including the 2003 FTAA protests and most importantly, Art Basel. There is a brief interview with Shepard Fairey in which the author suggests that Fairey appears overly defensive to any form of criticism and insulated from reality due to his status as a successful artist. A favorite quote is, “The truth really is, I have found Fairey’s pranks boring and fairly predictable since the first Andre the Giant stickers.” Ouch! This well researched, behind the curtain look reveals how Miami, with the help of developers, is determined to devise a new cultural identity. Modestly underpriced at $3, this zine is limited in photographs, but if you still recall how to read more than a single paragraph at a time, I suggest you sign yourself up and get a copy. www.microcosmdistribution.com
-A. McManus

November 10, 2012