Joburg Shap Shap 9/24/2012 « The Flop Box

Joburg Shap Shap 9/24/2012

South Africaaaaaa……..

Arrived in Johannesburg for the IARTJOBURG project. Remed who I interviewed a few months back for Juxtapoz is here. Unfortunately, he had to leave hours after I arrived.

He painted this among other things while he was here.

Everything is hand painted here =)

People grow up playing the same games at their corner store as you and me.


Are you a leader or a boss?

Local Joburg artist, Hannelie Coetzee

These are blanketed throughout the city and townships….

Roa’s been busy on the lift..

Martha Cooper is here documenting as well…

Espo’s here. Walking through the Mai Mai market where “traditional healers” offer physical or spiritual services and goods.

“A business with no sign is a sign of no business”

Plenty more to come….