ZINE REVIEW #21 « The Flop Box


Charles Manzine
The Wormholes

If the cover photo of a bearded, longhaired Charles Manson strikingly resembling Jesus and the clever title of Charles Manzine don’t have you sold at first glance, you’re taking this whole life-on-Planet-Earth thing too seriously. Relax, it’s just the man who coined the term Helter Skelter and was labeled “the most dangerous man alive,” although there is really no evidence that he ever killed anyone himself. It seems zines involving humorous content have been absent in recent years, replaced with the more common “it’s over your head” art zine. Many early fanzines’ original intent was to pay homage to a particular cultural phenomenon, Charles Manson being a legend in the Psychotic cult leader genre. Spending life in prison has not hindered Manson’s ability to remain shockingly photogenic over the years and the images catalogued here are a testament to his enigmatic draw/allure/personality. www.hamburgereyes.com

May 22, 2012