ZINE REVIEW #20 « The Flop Box


Poems To Crush Your Soul

Skinner can draw, we know that, but his real talent might be writing punchy, dark poems worthy of this review. I ran into him at the Alternative Press Expo and he mischievously presented the following zine titled Poems to Crush Your Soul. Shoved carelessly into the back pocket of my friend’s jeans, this little time bomb of vulgarity was patiently waiting to be detonated. After several adult beverages, interest in this oddly non-illustrated work of Skinner’s became a priority. Within minutes, the words inside were recited loudly in a slurish, intoxicated tone to people walking by, fellow patrons at a handful of art shows, and anyone who came into close proximity. Reactions included reciprocated laughs or awkward confusion. By nights’ end there was no cover and it was mangled, torn, and abused. Eventually, if I remember correctly, it ended up being thrown at someone and abandoned in a San Francisco street. It took a beating but served as a centerpiece of entertainment for an entire night. Most zines I own get looked at once or twice, than live out the rest of their life in a box or on a shelf, seldom getting picked up again. This particular zine lived an accomplished life, even if for only one night. www.theartofskinner.com

May 12, 2012