ZINE REVIEW #19 « The Flop Box


The Dark Wave
Jay Howell

Surfing on a coffin and giving the middle finger to a UFO are definitely on my “before I die” check list, although the probability of such occurrences happening does not look favorable. Maybe that’s why Jay Howell draws such ridiculously random scenarios; they are not possible in this world. With images that include surfers surfing while spray-painting dolphins, skateboarders riding smoking spliffs, and general shredding in every which way imaginable, the world Jay creates is one I would like to seek residency in. The Dark Wave follows a Black Metal band’s lead singer through an onstage panic attack, leading to a swift evacuation into the wilderness and his journey to find himself through the world of chance. Where will he end up? At the bottom of the abyss or riding the long wave to serenity? www.unpianobooks.com

April 23, 2012