ZINE REVIEW #17 « The Flop Box


847, Do You Have Your Radio Off?
Bill Daniel

Between 1988-1994, Bill Daniel worked as a bike messenger, observing and recording a significant creative time in the streets of San Francisco. This creativity, or “new style vandalism” as I choose to call it, was popping up and spreading through the city’s landscape. Every single piece of artwork on these pages no longer exists and I’m assuming that most of it went unnoticed. Luckily for us, Bill took notice and took photographs. It’s a small body of work, a reminder of how overly documented things can be now. Not to say this is always a negative, but it makes that time that much more special. Two pages show a Soapbox Derby race held down the side of Bernal Hill. Last year’s annual event, 14 years later, was sponsored and promoted excessively by Red Bull. I will say it again: that much more special. www.hamburgereyes.com

October 23, 2011