ZINE REVIEW #16 « The Flop Box


The Wormholes

Without ever viewing the contents and based on the title alone, Lindzine was a guaranteed hit in my own mind. From the age of 3, Lindsay‘s personal life has been an obsessive focus of the media and absurdly overly documented. How convenient this makes image searching the Internet for classic photos to compile! Scanning through the pages I am reminded of two things: When Lindsay is at her best, she’s angelic, and the camera is unfailingly complimentary. When she’s not, she looks like that easy, readily available drunk girl you went to high school with. After sharing this zine with a few friends, I realized that women have a very different view of Lindsay than men. Let’s just say that men universally look at the positive, while women focus on the alternative. A warning: leaving this zine for a girlfriend to stumble on could likely ensue in an awkward, interrogating conversation where you will be playing cautious defense. Side note: as I write this today, October 19, 2011, our beloved Lindsay just posted bail, again, for $100,000. Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindzine. www.thewormholes.org

October 19, 2011