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Zine Review #12

Them Thangs / The New Dark Age
William Eadon, Erik Brunetti, SCRMN, Mark Maggiori, Château-vacant, Corey Smith,
Felicity Byrne, Todd Tourso, Jacob Rolfe, Harper Smith, Miktor & Molf, Bob Tark, and Bill McRight

The Internet’s wide variety of blogging platforms has opened the doors for people to share or “curate” their interests, whether found images, visual inspiration, videos, links, famous quotes, or what they just ate. The amount of content is overwhelming and continually growing. You could spend the rest of your life investigating the labyrinth of information. When I stumbled on Them Thangs, it was apparent that creator Justin Blyth has spent an immense amount of time scouring the Internet and compiling a Greatest Hits of images from across the globe. Using his site as an inspiration platform, it’s nice to see a printed version of his collection. A compilation of thirteen artists’s work, The New Dark Age is a visual assault of dark, noir, and cultish imagery, curated by someone who has immersed himself in the genre. www.them-thangs.com

February 15, 2011