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Out of Print

NJ Transit

Setup from the train. There was a Rime to the right as well. Vintage Jersey graffiti.

Ahh New York

for the New York Art Book Fair

I do believe this fair Trumps all other book fair I have attended. Massive.

Was a maze of an overwhelming amount of rooms filled with books and zines!

Most of these pictures were taken Friday when things were calm. Saturday 7000 people attended.


Zines Mate

S.F. was reppin in N.Y.
Needles & Pens!


Mark McCloud acid sheets. He has a show at EverGold Gallery that I hope to check out when I get back to S.F.

Paul Shiek of These Birds Walk Books.



Some interior of PS1

Simon from TTC. Good meeting you. Their site kills it.

Tauba Auerbach designs for these pop up books. So good.

There were alot of faces I knew there Breezy & Dave

Maya & Morgon / Yuri & Breezy

Running around N.Y. Philly you’re next.

November 7, 2010