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Zine Review #9


The Meandering of Death Row Inmate (California San Quentin, East Block, Yard 3)
Bob R Williams Jr

“In 1996 I entered a strange land of concrete and steel a condemned man, 20 years old, scared, lonely, curious, and lost.” Bob R. Williams, San Quentin State Prison. I could only imagine that if my path through life ever resulted in any length of incarceration I, too, would be creating zines to communicate to the outside world. The cover of The Meanderings of a Death Row Inmate is striking and reminiscent of soap scribbles on a jail cell wall. I couldn’t imagine another cover that could be more fitting. The writing and illustration are honest, short, and enlightening. Revisiting this zine I wonder what Bob R. Williams was convicted of. Not that it matters. I just feel lucky to have found him through his work.

October 26, 2010