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“FOURTEEN” Opening Photos

Thanks to everyone who came out and to all the artists who contributed work! FunFunFun!

You know it’s going be a good night when the first person who walks through the door is SEEN!!! Style Wars!!! I rarely fan out on anyone but dahm..I know Style Wars line for line….Good meeting you Seen.

Fourloko crazy. Red Flag anyone around you drinking these

Didn’t get to many photo of people and crowds and partying..etc…

Jen feelin Icyyyy… Jesse Geller’s

But there is photos of lots of art!

Erik Kneeland

Nate Smith and Caleb Sheridan


Dylan Maddux

Shelby Ulibarri

Robert Garcia III

Josh Blank

Owen Takabayashi twist tie art

Ken Davis

Dustin Aksland

Hannah Stouffer

Andrew McClintock

Matt Lacing up his shoe in the lonely corner chair before the show opens..

Go check out the show in person.
Monday – Friday | 9-5.
There are a few more pieces of art I didn’t put up here and there is Still plenty of affordable art Available to be bought and hung in your house.
Contact me with any questions.

August 31, 2010