NEW “White Rasta Pasta V.1” ZINE FROM THEFLOPBOX « The Flop Box


The Flop Box is proud to announce our newest publication, White Rasta Pasta now available in our ZINES SECTION.

A wise man once said, “Dem wit no Iced Chai go thirsty ‘pon a hot day.” This is truer now than ever before. While we do not know this prophet’s name, we do know that he was of Scottish and German descent and drove a Subaru Outback. We know that his long blonde hair was unwashed, dreaded and resembled a stack of laundry that reached towards the heavens like a Sunflower. We know that he caught a nasty sunburn at Reggae on The River in 2003, and that he preferred Indica to Sativa. Lordamercy, this we know.

Some naysayers may deride our white-locked brothers and sisters as little more than “appropriators,” but I and I know that Jah’s influence knows neither borders nor color. Bound by a love of nugs and dabs that transcends time and space, Rudeboiz of all backgrounds now bask in the eternal glow of Selassie’s warmth. Raise a Green Juice and join us in celebrating these modern day Buffalo Soldiers. Let us chant down Babylon together, cold Yerba Mates in hand. From the Yurts of Arcata, to the the all natural peppermint soaps in Aisle 6, to the all-inclusive shoreside resorts of Jamaica’s Western shores, let us also agree that the Bob Marley greatest hits album Legend should have included the song ” Iron Lion Zion.” We say Whattagwan to the Baldheads and other agents of Babylonia, that would seek to corporatize our festivals/sacred rites of passage.

26 pages, 8″ x 5″, black & white and color laser printed, hand numbered. Edition of 50.


September 21, 2015