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Various Artists / Abc #1 « The Flop Box

Various Artists / Abc #1

Filed under: zines

26 pages. 8.5″ x 5.5″.offset printed. stapled. black and white. Each cover hand printed differenty. limited to 100. 2007.

26 artists each given a letter to draw from the alphabet. Featuring, Abuse, Skegs, Chue, Dayser, Ewsoe, Tenfold, Germs, Harsh, India,

Jurne, Naka, Lewse, Maseo, Nesta, .Com, Pez, Ques, Rome, Renos, Tunks, Gozer, Vows, Wesk, Bask2, Cymes, and Nozer.

Sold Out

March 22, 2010