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There is nothing permanent except change

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Four years ago, The Flop Box morphed into something different and I was unsure what direction it was headed. A photo blog had spawned from the desire to communicate, share photographs and document selective publications. Unexpectedly, over time the photo blog grew to be the most dominant feature of the site and the reason why many followers returned regularly I have received an abundance of complimentary emails encouraging me to continue posting and I want to thank every person who has reached out. Despite knowing that I may lose a lot of people’s attention, today The Flop Box morphs once again, shifting focus back to its original intent: independent publishing, limited edition zines and creating them. All photos unrelated to zines have now vanished into the ether. Moving forward, there will be several new titles from new artists in the very near future and continued highlighting of other publications. Thanks again to everyone who has supported The Flop Box through the years and to those who continue to produce printed independent publications for the love.

June 17, 2014